Via pip

You can easily install SEM using pip:

pip3 install --user sem

To get the latest development version, install directly from the develop branch of the Github repository:

pip3 install --user -U

This will install the sem package and its dependencies in your current python library path. This same command can also be re-issued to update the library.

In any case, SEM can be removed from the system by issuing:

pip3 uninstall sem

Installing ns-3

An ns-3 installation is required to use SEM. Detailed setup instructions for ns-3 are available here, however, in most cases, cloning the ns-3 project is enough to get started. The following command downloads the development version of ns-3 to the ns-3-dev folder:

git clone ns-3-dev

Optionally, from the ns-3-dev folder, one can then checkout a precise ns-3 release with the following command:

git checkout ns-3.33